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Anderson Rowntree use The Conveyancing Map to explore new market insights 
13th June 2016 
Anderson Rowntree, a leading law firm in West Sussex is using The Conveyancing Map to explore their competitive position in the region and inform their strategic planning. 
The reports they commissioned provide the elusive empirical base so often missing from the business planning of law firms. 
“We were amazed at the richness of detail available from this data” said John Dickerson, Practice Director, "We already have a clear business plan that we’ve backed up with comprehensive marketing support and we wanted to validate the residential conveyancing landscape in our target areas better – The Conveyancing Map came up with the goods, delivered valuable insight, interpreted our strengths, profiled our competitors and identified development areas “ 
The Conveyancing Map has been brought to market by Richard Hinton a former Marketing Director at Shoosmiths and latterly Head of Conveyancing at LexisNexis Visualfiles and subsequently Business Strategy Director at Searchflow. 
“I’ve always been struck by the dearth of actionable data available to conveyancing firms” he said. “In my experience, lawyers are reluctant to commit to a course of action without compelling evidence. The Conveyancing Map is derived from Land Registry data and delivers just this level of objective business insight.” 
Evolution not revolution? 
21 August 2015 
Just how fast is the structure of the conveyancing industry changing? For some of the more excitable commentators, the High Street is being consumed by a rapacious cabal of volume conveyancers in league with the panel management industry to drive conveyancing away from traditional firms and into production line factories. The truth however seems altogether less dramatic and more encouraging for the wider conveyancing community. 
The industry is certainly characterised by a long tail. The large specialist conveyancers that have emerged over the last 15 years are small in number but command significant volumes of cases. 
The market share of just the top 100 firms is an impressive 26% and more than half of all conveyancing is managed by 500 firms who themselves represent just 12% of the total of 4,182 firms that acted in more than 10 purchase transactions pa. 
But is this share growing? When comparing the structure of the industry across 2013, 2014 and Q1 2015, the change is very modest and much broader than perhaps expected. 
Every segment of the top 1,400 firms grew their share marginally in 2014 although in Q1 2015 firms outside the top 100 fell back slightly. The top 50 firms however, only managed to increase their share by 0.9%. The strongest segment growth was amongst firms ranked 201st to 500th and even here, the increase was only 0.8%. Together, the top 1,400 firms grew their share from 77.3% to 80.1% whilst the remaining 3,400 firms saw their share fall from 22.7% to 19.9%. 
Across the two years and the first quarter of 2015, the number of firms acting in a material number of cases (more than 3 residential purchase transactions a quarter) fell by 8% from 4,498 to 4,146 demonstrating that there is a very real and steady industry attrition as firms either merge, close or step away from conveyancing. 
It would be wrong however to think that it was just the very largest firms that are growing their share. Growth is spread across the top 1,400 firms who all seem to be in rude health. 
New website launched 
3 March 2015 
We hope you like our new shop window! Any feedback would be most welcome but we hope it serves to flag the very real benefits the Conveyancing Map offers; the growing breadth of its proposition (with the latest addition of estate agency sale data) and the different ways in which firms can enjoy the benefits of the tool. 
Estate Agency data added 
28 February 2015 
To complement the existing conveyancer datasets, The Conveyancing Map has today added data showing which agent acted in which residential property sale. Commenting on the move, Richard Hinton said, “clients were telling me that the logical extension from the business insight they glean from the conveyancing data, was to add a business development layer by showing which agents acted in the sale”. Clients can now track the performance of estate agents in just the same way as they already can for conveyancers. Early market testing with conveyancers has been very positive. 
today's conveyancer interview 
Richard Hinton of Pitsford Consulting Limited has just launched The Conveyancing Map – a new business intelligence tool displaying on an interactive map all residential property transactions in England and Wales with the name of the firm acting in each purchase. 
Today’s Conveyancer asks why the Map is a useful commodity for law more 
Conveyancing Association member firms now account for 1 in 7 UK housing transactions in England & Wales 
September 2015 
Members of the Conveyancing Association (CA) accounted for more than one in 7 of all UK housing transactions in 2013 according to research and analysis by the new Conveyancing Map business intelligence tool. 
The Conveyancing Map shows study found that of the 802,400 residential purchases completed in 2013, CA members were responsible for 115,511 accounting for a total of 14.45% of the market. In monetary terms, the results showed that the CA members bought £26 billion worth of UK residential property on behalf of clients. 
Eddie Goldsmith, Chairman of the Conveyancing Association, said “I am delighted to see that The Conveyancing Map’s figures demonstrate that our efforts have not gone unnoticed as our members continue to represent a high growing proportion of the conveyancing activity taking place at this exciting time for the UK property sector.” 
SLC announces tie up with The Conveyancing Map 
18 August 2014 
The Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC) has today announced a tie up with the newly launched Conveyancing Map with a special deal for its members. The new on-line tool allows conveyancing firms to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the markets in which they are operating and use the outputs to tailor their future approach to marketing and business development and planning. 
Simon Law, the Chairman of SLC said ‘we are delighted to add this arrangement to the wide array of benefits that we already offer our members. Having seen the tool in action, I am in no doubt as to the value it will bring to many members’ businesses.’ 
For more information or for your free online demonstration simply call us on 01604 880485 or click to contact us. 
The Conveyancing Map 
Business Intelligence for the Conveyancing Industry 
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